Leverage the credibility of pre-verified identity with uverifyID for Business

Identity Verification and Management

Safe, Secure, Convenient

Create digital experiences that people trust

Verify someones identity on your site, app, or digital community whenever you need to

Pre-verified identity credentials

We verify everything, so you don’t have to. There’s no need to send messages to confirm phone number or email address when someone registers, logs in, or resets their password. Boost account openings and delight online users with less hoops and less hassle. 

Strong user validation and age verification

Prevent fraud (and eliminate fake users) with our identity service. We confirm someone’s true identity by verifying their name, DOB year, over 21 status, email, phone, location; and we require a valid state-issued ID, which we compare to their selfie.

Convenient, risk-free, digital processes

Verify identity and age digitally and safely without the risk, complexity, and inconvenience associated with identity checks. There’s no need to text, email, copy, send or handle driver’s license information; and there’s no need to collect, encrypt or transmit private consumer data online. We’ve done all the work for you.


Think of the possibilities


Online Communities Online Marketplaces + Classifieds

Lease & Rental Agreements

Online Dating

Verify Age

Confirm someone is who they say they are digitally

Fast, Reliable & Paperless

Get Instant Credibility!

Verify yourself to thousands of businesses out there without any hassle and paperwork.

Trusted By People Around Us

Useful for me to book my restaurant reservation

Koncierz was easy to use and very useful for me to book my reservation at my favorite restaurant in the town. Within a second, I was enjoying my time.


Loved this app!

At first, I was worried about my data but after talking with the Koncierz team I came to know that my actual identity data is never stored, transmitted, or shared. Loved this app!


Saved my time

This saved my time for age verification while buying alcoholic drinks.