Google Maps Reservation

Business Profile & Restaurant Eligibility Criteria

Please Review:

    • Koncierz subscription must be active before submitting the request to Google.
    • Inactive subscriptions result in discontinuation of service within four business days after the subscription end date.
    • The restaurant must confirm and fulfill reservations, possessing a physical location matching a Google Maps listed address.
    • The business name must accurately reflect the legal entity under which the restaurant operates.    To update your profile, go to Profile – Basic Info, edit and ensure the Business Profile matches your Google Maps information.
    • NO booth renters.
    • Koncierz reserves the right to verify the restaurant’s location and services through visits and/or calls.

Find a Table

Add Koncierz Form for Reservations

Overview: Customer initiates the restaurant reservation process on Google Maps, subsequently being redirected to your Koncierz Restaurant Reservation Landing page to finalize the reservation.

Note, this feature does not display the “Reserve a Table” button.

Koncierz Google Map - Find a table
Koncierz Google Map - Find a table

Reserve a Table

Add Reserve Button on Google Maps for Reservations

Overview: Customer chooses restaurant table availability and complete their restaurant reservation journey directly on Google Maps

Features  “Reserve a Table” button


Google Konciez reserve a Table confirmation page

Reserve a Table

Restaurant will have to review reservation requests and confirm reservations by contracting the customer


Please Review and Acknowledge


Eligibility and Service Obligations:

    • If the restaurant cannot fulfill the service, it is deemed ineligible.
    • Google may block certain restaurants, especially when user expectations are unmet. Cooperation with Google is encouraged to address any issues before requesting Koncierz to add the business to Google Maps.

Data Collection and Privacy:

    • When reservation requests are submitted, Google collects user information, including contact and transaction details. Refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for detailed information on data collection purposes, management, export, and deletion of user information.
    • For order fulfillment, Google may share relevant information with Koncierz, subject to the privacy policy. Usage metrics may also be shared with Koncierz.

Data Exchange Between Koncierz and Google:

    • Google collects data from Koncierz, including restaurant name, location, and pertinent information for service improvement.
    • Both Koncierz and Google may utilize this information to enhance their respective products and services.

Acknowledgment Form:

It is imperative to carefully review the provided information and ensure the proper execution of the acknowledgment form. Koncierz will not process your request to display the business link or reserve a button until we receive the signed electronic form.

Link to Acknowledge Form

If you have any questions, please contact us.