This page serves as a reference on the dashboard, aiming to help you understand our platform better. Here, you’ll find guidance on building QR templates, displaying, and updating business information, including subscription details. We hope this information proves valuable in navigating our platform effectively.


About: Update business information, including the business address.
Manage Subscription: Control your subscription settings.

Business Settings: Adjust various settings related to your business.
 Enable or disable personal identity information if using the platform for CIP/KYC purposes.
Menu: Add items to your product menu.
SMTP: Configure your business email address for customer communication instead of using Koncierz email.
Business Hours (Applicable to Restaurants): Set restaurant business hours to manage reservations and waitlists effectively.


Email: Customize outgoing email contents to align with your business policy.
SMS: Customize outgoing SMS contents to align with your business policy.
QR Code Template: Create and assign PDF templates for QR codes generated by the Koncierz platform.
SMTP: Configure business email domain for communication with clients.
Twilio: Integrate Twilio for SMS communication and update API credentials.
Signature Content: Electronic consent details.
Form Content: Message displayed to the end-user after form submission.
Form Consent: Optional consent given to the end-user before form input.


Add/Update Forms: Customize forms and link PDF documents; access reports and details.


Access all subscriber features.

5.Select From

View forms available for selected products.

6.Enter email addresses to send form links.


7.Send emails, open QR pages, and send SMS messages.

Send email – ensure email address is entered

SMS – enter valid phone number

QR Page – Open Page and Print, update template etc


8.Sort order

Display check-ins in ascending or descending order.

9.Check-in Dashboard

View check-ins performed online via QR or URL for today.