To utilize Koncierz to generate and display QR codes for your chosen product, at least one default template is required. We’ve streamlined this process to be user-friendly, allowing you to employ platforms such as Google Documents, Word, or Canva—whichever you find most comfortable—to generate an 8×11 PDF page.

Currently, QR placement options include two sections:

  1. Section 1
  2. Section 2

There are two types of QR code generation available:

  • No App QR: Usable by anyone, anywhere.
  • App QR: Requires the Koncierz/uverifyID app and verification of individual identity.

For your convenience, we’ve provided Google Drive Download MsWord and Google Doc Template  & Example, along with download links for documents serving as starting points. 

Also, refer to the samples below for quick reference.  

Again, please do NOT forget to save your design as a PDF document. 


Explore this sample design as a reference. Feel free to download the image, convert it to a PDF, and upload it to give it a try.

Koncierz offers two QR placement alternatives.

If you require QR placement in a different section, please get in touch with our support team.

Explore Section 1 and Section 2 below, and you’ll also find design samples in the tabs for your convenience.