Dynamic QR Code

Koncierz streamlines the QR code generation process by seamlessly integrating it with your custom template, eliminating the need for duplicate work. In contrast to traditional methods where you must first obtain a QR code, download it, and then manually apply it to your template using a separate process before sending it out, Koncierz simplifies the entire process into just two easy steps. When creating a Dynamic QR code, you can apply your chosen template and include an email template for the QR code issuance. This allows you to quickly send emails or issue QR codes in bulk, saving you time and effort.




One Time QR Code

Generate a one-time code QR for a single use.

The QR codes is a unique code that changes with each generation, ensuring security and preventing unauthorized access or duplication.

They are commonly used for event ticketing and redeeming digital coupons. Once the QR code is scanned and its content is used, it becomes invalid, enhancing security and reducing the risk of misuse.


QR with Passcode

Generate a QR code with a passcode.

It’s like a secret code that’s hidden within a QR code. When you scan the QR code, you’ll need to enter the passcode to unlock the QR code.

It adds an extra layer of security to QR code interactions, making sure only authorized users can get the intended content or access.

QR codes with passcodes are often used for Gift Certificates,  private links, or secure transactions.

Manage Number QR scans per day

It’s a QR code that allows only a certain number of scans per day.


It’s commonly used for things like limited-time promotions, membership benefits, or exclusive offers to maintain fairness and manage access effectively

For example, if it’s set to three scans per day, the QR can only be scanned three times a day. This can be handy for controlling access to specific content or resources while ensuring that it’s not overused or abused.


Bulk QR

Instead of making QR codes one by one, you can upload a bunch of data all at once, and it’ll churn out multiple QR codes for you.

This is fantastic for businesses and events with lots of items, like events, or tickets, where you need a QR code for each one. It saves you time and effort, making it easier to manage and distribute QR codes in large quantities.

Whether you’re organizing an event, or issue tickets the bulk upload feature simplifies the QR code creation process and helps you get things done faster.

QR Scheduling/Expiration Date

Generate QR code and set specific times for when the QR code should be active and when it should expire.

This can be incredibly useful for time-sensitive information or offers. For instance, you can create a QR code for a limited-time discount that only works during a certain period, ensuring it’s not valid before or after that time.

It’s like setting an automatic timer on your QR code, making it a powerful tool for marketing campaigns, event promotions, and other scenarios where you want to control when people can access your content or services

Static QR Solution

Static QR codes don’t change over time, unlike dynamic ones that can be updated. Many websites offer free static QR code generation. At Koncierz, we offer a Dynamic QR solution with built-in No-Code workflows, continually improving and expanding our solutions. If you’d rather avoid external sites, you can securely create static QR codes by copying a Google spreadsheet, ensuring your usage remains private and track-free, and then use them as needed.


Download Google Spreadsheet


enter the URL


copy the QR code