Manage your guest waitlist, reservation, check-in, digital menu, promotion and more. 

The best form of customer service is self-service.

Reservations, Waitlist and Customer Journey

Streamline Guest Experience: Waitlist, Check-in, and Menu Access from Their Device


Simplify & Digitize

  • QR Code Integration
  • Guests can join the waitlist anytime and anywhere using a single QR code or URL
  • Integrate with your website for a seamless online reservation experience.
  • Seamlessly display the digital menu upon successful check-in, allowing guests to conveniently explore your offerings.
  • Easy SMS and email integration and notification
  • Except cooking and serving, Koncierz Waitlist supports the complete customer Journey
Digitize your HR processes.
  • Say goodbye to paper job application forms and track them digitally.
  • Streamline employee onboarding.
  • Simplify the process of signing employee handbooks.
Other & Many more:
  • Digitize coupons for easy redemption.
  • Manage and track gift certificates digitally.

With Koncierz, you can elevate your restaurant’s guest and employee experience while also digitizing and streamlining other important processes. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace the convenience of our digital solutions.


Experience the power

Guest Experience
  • Anytime, Anywhere Waitlist
  • A Contactless and Mobile-Friendly Application
  • Compatible with any device, making it truly device-agnostic
  • Dynamic QR Code & URL
  • Email and SMS Notifications

 Employee Experience

  • Know your guest in advance
  • Seamless check-in
  • Manage Crowds

 Business Owner Experience

  • Analytics
  • Effortless client information capture
  • No hidden costs for online reservations
  • QR and URL links as needed for all your marketing channels



Host Experience

  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited host notifications (email, SMS)
  • Online Portal – compatible on any device
  • Analytics

Visitor Experience

  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • QR or URL
  • Contactless, assisted, or self check-in
    Tailored sign-in experience
  • Auto-fill using uverifyID app
  • Customizable guest confirmation emails and SMS

Admin Experience

  • Create online, reservation and onsite flows
  • Consolidated guests data
  • Cloud-based
  • Historical guest analytics
  • Questionnaire
  • Video integration
  • Customizable email templates
  • Guest notes
  • Multiple user roles
  • Events
  • Online Portal

Compliance and Security

  • Data Privacy
  • Host Data Ownership
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Visual identification
  • Data retention policy 

Trusted By People Around Us

Useful for me to book my restaurant reservation

Koncierz was easy to use and very useful for me to book my reservation at my favorite restaurant in the town. Within a second, I was enjoying my time.


Loved this app!

At first, I was worried about my data but after talking with the Koncierz team I came to know that my actual identity data is never stored, transmitted, or shared. Loved this app!


Saved my time

This saved my time for age verification while buying alcoholic drinks.


Improve your process and your user experience

You can benefit from all our features and functionalities for free, whether you are an individual or a business user.